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The new book entitled “Energy-efficient communication networks and systems“, ISBN: 978-3-0365-8966-4 (Hbk), ISBN: 978-3-0365-8967-1 (PDF), DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-0365-8967-1 , 2023, Pages: 368, edited by Josip Lorincz has been published as open access book by the publisher Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute – MDPI.

The book “Energy-efficient communication networks and systems gives insights into the range of problems in the field of obtaining more energy-efficient communication networks and systems. The book contains the outcomes of the “Special Issue on energy-efficient communication networks and systems” organized for the Sensors journal. The 12 high-quality papers published in the frame of Sensors journal Special Issue have been collected and reproduced in this book, demonstrating significant achievements in the field to which this book is dedicated.

Published papers consolidated in this book are self-contained peer-reviewed scientific works. Among published papers, one paper is editorial and one paper is a review type of paper, while the remaining ten articles are research articles. The papers are authored by 40 authors coming from academia and industry. The published articles target the improvement of energy efficiency in the fields of fiber-wireless, vehicle-to-vehicle/infrastructure, sensor, satellite, 5G, virtual element and cognitive radio networks. The contributions of published papers provide valuable insights into the latest research and technologies for improving the energy efficiency of communication networks and systems.

This book can serve the readers as a source of information when needed in their industrial, teaching and/or research and development activities. The book can be a valuable source of information since it presents the recent advances in different fields related to improving the energy efficiency of communication networks and systems.

The published book can be found here.

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